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After your surgery, you will be in the recovery room for about two hours.

For outpatient procedures, you will generally be discharged home from the recovery room.

Certain procedures, such as anterior cervical fusions and disc replacements, may require extended periods of observation prior to discharge. This longer stay may be in the recovery room or in a regular bed on an in-patient floor.


It is typically the goal to mobilize patients as soon as possible. Every effort is made to provide good control of postoperative pain.

Care after surgery is a group effort provided by the surgical team, a hospitalist team who overlook general medical issues, as well as other medical specialists (such as cardiologists) when necessary. Nurses are of course critical members of the team who direct a lot of your care, and other practitioners include physical, occupational and respiratory therapists among others. Dr. Ohaegbulam is ultimately responsible for major treatment decisions, but the input of appropriate specialists is critical in ensuring good outcomes.


The length of hospital stay varies from patient to patient, and with the scale of surgery. Dr. Ohaegbulam will usually have discussed typical expectations with you prior to surgery.

Discharge to your home or an in-patient rehabilitation/care facility occurs when it is considered safe and medically appropriate, and input from the patient and family members is a major part of this decision.

Your Hospital Stay: FAQ
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