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You should have already been scheduled for your first postoperative visit at the same time you received your date for surgery. If you cannot find this date in your letter regarding surgery, please contact the office at 617-860-6130 to confirm the date for this visit. It will usually take place 2-4 weeks after your surgery.

Your first postoperative visit will generally be with one of our Physician Assistants. At this visit, you will have your incision checked, and a neurological exam intended to ensure you have had no adverse initial outcome from your surgery. Your questions will be answered, and a plan will be determined for when your physical therapy will start, which will almost always be necessary. Your next office visit will also be confirmed at this time. 


When your surgery is scheduled, appointments will generally be made for additional postoperative visits around 3-4 months after your surgery, and another at the one year anniversary.

These appointments are scheduled with Dr. Ohaegbulam.

Other visits may be necessary for some patients, and these will be arranged as needed. 

Postop Visits: FAQ
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