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Telehealth: Services


We have implemented TeleHealth Visits where medically appropriate. Recent regulatory changes now allow to use these for your care.


TeleHealth visits will be by appointment. Dates and Times for these will be confirmed with you by our staff. The necessary paperwork, insurance details and questionnaires will be sent to you by email or other electronic means in the days ahead of your visit. All forms will need to be completed ahead of the time for the visit.


You will generally receive an invitation for the visit by text message to your mobile phone at the arranged appointment time. This invitation will have a link to our TeleHealth Waiting Room:

You may also check into the waiting room a few minutes ahead of your assigned time slot if you wish to do so.


You may also download a flyer from to help guide you through your first visit:   Patient Flyer


It would be helpful if you are able to attempt to check in to the Waiting Room ahead of your visit, so that if you encounter any technical difficulties doing so, there is time for us to help you resolve them by phone.


We look forward to participating in your care in this new manner which promises to be of great benefit and convenience in many situations. Please bear in mind that there may be situations where we will recommend that a TeleHealth Visit is NOT appropriate for your condition, or where during such a visit, recommendations are made to come to our offices for an in-person visit, or proceed to a local provider or Emergency Room for appropriate evaluation.

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